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Shingle Roofs

Shingle Roofs

Roof installation and surface covering installation.

Our installers have several years of expertise in roof installation of all kinds. They are up to any challenge.

A solid roof above all else.

A detail can make a big difference between securely fastened shingles and a covering that flies away. Our installers are trained by the most experienced to always adhere to the strictest standards of roof installation..

For increased wind resistance, we install drip edges and nail all our asphalt shingles with 6 nails. The message is clear to our installers: the installation must be solid!

A superior waterproof covering.

We install more adhesive membranes on your roof than most other companies (bottom of slopes, sides, wall edges, ridges, valleys, etc.), and we replace your flashings and vents.

Furthermore, even though in some regions adding felt paper is optional, this additional water protection is part of our essentials

See our waterproofing assessment service.

No debris on your property.

We are committed to keeping the premises clean and free of debris during and after the work. Therefore, we protect your landscaping and floral areas with tarps and covers, in addition to using gutter protectors. Our self-propelled trailer also allows us to minimize debris falling to the ground as much as possible.

When the work is completed, we use a magnet to collect any nails that may have fallen around the house.

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See our roof renovation service.

A self-propelled trailer for a flawless roof refurbishment

At Toitures Alto, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to protect your property during roof installation or renovation.

That's why we are proud to announce that we are the first residential roofing experts to equip ourselves with a self-propelled Equipter RB4000 trailer.

The RB4000 preserves your property from any damage

It moves around your house for impeccable work:

  • Your flower beds and property remain intact.
  • Your property stays clean as shingles do not fall to the ground.

This self-propelled trailer will truly enable our roofers to be even more efficient on construction sites, for your utmost satisfaction.

Projets de réparation et d’installation de toitures de bardeaux

Mont-Saint-Hilaire Municipal Library
Challenge : Correcting infiltrations from the existing roof.
Materials used BP fiberglass shingles

Condominium project in Magog
Challenge : Undertaking a large-scale project at great height.
Materials used BP fiberglass shingles

Condominium project in L’Île-des-Sœurs
Challenge : Correcting the structure and chimneys. Rebuilding the retaining walls.
Materials used : GAF fiberglass roofing products

Condominium project in Montreal
Challenge : Waterproofing in a challenging section and correcting chimney structures.
Materials used : GAF fiberglass roofing products

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