Quel type de tuile choisir pour mon toit?
What type of roof tiles to choose for my roof?

What type of roof tiles to choose for my roof?

Have you ever been drawn to the unique charm of tile roofs while flipping through a home decor magazine, whether it's in Tuscany or elsewhere in Europe? Their charm is undeniable.

Know that there are different materials in Quebec that mimic tiles.

Why choose tiles as a roofing material?

Tile roofs are very aesthetic, demand little maintenance., can greatly enhance the appearance of your home... and probably make your neighbors envious.!

Slate, concrete, and clay tile roofing.

Slate, concrete, and clay tiles are very aesthetic, but it's important to know that these... materials are quite heavy.. The structure of the house must be able to support them. We recommend seeking the advice of an engineer if you are interested in these materials.

Fiberglass and sheet metal roofing tiles

Fiberglass and metal roofing tiles, in addition to being more durable and affordable, are very lightweight and do not require any special structure. They are currently the most popular choice due to their cost-effectiveness.

In any case, we strongly recommend seeking advice from one of our experienced roofers to avoid costly mistakes. We also have charts to compare all roofing materials..

Happy shopping!

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