Quoi faire en cas d’infiltration d’eau?
What to do in case of water infiltration?

What to do in case of water infiltration?

Bad Surprise! You hear a drip and think, "My roof is leaking!" Here's what you need to do if this unfortunate event happens to you.

Puncture the water-infiltrated gypsum

First, it's important to puncture the water-infiltrated section of the gypsum wall or ceiling with a screwdriver and collect the water in a bucket to prevent the drywall from becoming completely soaked.

It's easier to repair a hole than to replace a whole sheet that has become saturated.

Find the source of the water infiltration

Next, check the source of the infiltration. Is it coming from a leaking roof, faulty plumbing, or a poorly insulated window? This will help you know who to contact to repair the damage.

If it's your roof leaking, contact a roofer

Call a roofer who can identify the sections of the roof causing the infiltration. Find the right one by following our 5 tips. If necessary, they can make an emergency temporary repair. Subsequently, they will advise you on a permanent repair process according to the situation.

Above all, avoid trial and error with inexperienced people, think of experts like those at Toitures Alto!

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